Río Abierto Work System

A spiritual/body-mind approach that integrates therapy and creativity to develop awareness, listening, attention, irradiation and silence with an explorative and learning attitude.

In this process we boost and promote the awareness of mechanical and rigid aspects of our personality that are captured in our bodies and that determine a psychophysical mode of being, feeling, thinking and interacting.

The movement of vital energy, the basic pulsation of life present in each cell and in its relationship with the body, the organism that it´s part of, is the cornerstone and starting point for the development of our work.

In the Río Abierto System, movement has the capacity to develop the musculoskeletal system as well as expression, with or without sound, integrating the entire body. It has enormous power of integration and communication, and in group sessions we find the development of a special link between all members, with each and every one of them. This is why we work in circle, to develop this transpersonal connection – which may be called transcendent, a connection with the less individual aspects of ourselves.

We work with massage to help people undo physical issues they have developed. In our experience, these problems are psychophysical, which means we have to work on a muscular level and on a psychological level in order to undo emotional-physical shields that are formed. These two levels are closely intertwined.

We often also have blockages in our voice and are therefore unable to express what we really need.

We also work with dramatization, another path for transformation and self-knowledge.

The music we use has the ability to awaken different energy zones that function within us and, in some way, accumulate the energy that is transformed. Each one of us has a different intelligence and vibrates with certain aspects of music creating a unique opportunity for personal development.



Group work on the Self:

The basis of all our activities. The group is a matrix where we can express, deepen and become aware of all aspects of our being, from the smallest and most useless parts, to the most sublime, integrating them all into a dynamic unit.


Individual attention:

A therapeutic and individual space for consciousness and integration of our being and our relationships with others, from a body-mind and transpersonal approach.


Movement class:

The movement class unfolds all these elements to promote the potential, health and creativity of our bodies.



A space that cultivates silence and the connection with our essential nature.

Instruments that we use

Dance, rhythm, music, contact. Movement, free, guided, harmonious, expressive, energetic and creative. Massage: circulatory, corrective, revitalizing, healing. Self-observation, training in attention and listening. Breathing: physiological, energetic and psychological aspects that help us discover new internal spaces of our being.

Love, passion, feelings. Focusing on our posture habits allows us to find new ways of being and occupying space. Games, contact, expression and dramatization allow us to share these new spaces and provide the opportunity to create new places for our relationships with others. Working with our mechanical and creative personality.

Group work on the self and Reflection. The dynamics of opposites. The theory of energy centres. Theatre, expression and creativity. Voice and sound, the word, listening, silence. Relaxation and meditation open a new space of internal connection with the most essential aspects of our being.

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